Elite1 MMA “FIGHT NIGHT 37″ Savoie vs. Carroll for Jan.18th. 2020 at the Casino N-B

A battle between two Top 5 Welterweight (Maritme Canada). #1 ranked Christien Savoie put his 170 pound title on the line against #3 ranked Pat Carroll at Elite1 MMA "Fight Night 37" on January 18th. 2020 at the Casino in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada.

The octagon lands at the Casino New Brunswick Canada on January 18th. 2020. Elite1 MMA Proudly presents “FIGHT NIGHT” 37.

January 18th. 2020 the fans will see once again a Full Night of fight with a card of 10 Bouts including 2 titles on the line. First we will have a look to our first Championship belt… 

(c)Nick Coombes (4-1-0) vs. Hank “IRON” Anderson (3-1-0) at 265 Lbs. – ➡️ (Amateur Heavyweight) 🏆 

Coombes with a score of 4-1 with a 2nd Ranked (Amateur Heavyweight) in Canada and Ranked first in the Maritime Canada is been coming out with four wins in the row and one lost.

First fight Coombes lost against Ryan Aitkens via Majority decision at ECC 24 on March 11th. 2016. After first lost, Coombes got Back up and get the job done 4 times in a row, On June 10th. 2017 against Joe Pilmer via Unanimous decision. On July 22nd. 2017 Nick “BIG BOOM” Combes vs. Shawn Hickey, Big Boom Def. Hickey via (doctor stoppage) at 1:12 in round 4. On November 4th. 2017 The rematch between Big Boom vs. Ryan Aitkens, Big Boom Def. Aitkens via Majority decision, Coombes win his last four fights for the same promotions Elite1 MMA Productions.

On April 27th. 2019 Coombes Def. Pilmer Via KO (Punch) Rd.4 at 0:41…

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Next for Coombes on January 18th. 2020 at E1 MMA Fight Night 37 Nick “BIG BOOM” Coombes put his title on the line against Hank “IRON” Anderson, Anderson with a score of 3-1 with a #5th. Ranked (Amateur Heavyweight) in Canada and 2nd Ranked in the Maritime Canada. 

On July 29th. 2017 at L-Jack MMA1 Anderson Def. Dylan Black by TKO (Punches) at 0:23 in Rd.1. On October 21 2017 at L-Jack MMA2, Anderson has lost against Jimmy Simms Via Unanimous decision. On April 28th. 2018. Anderson def. James Doucette by TKO (Punches) at 1:52 in Rd.1 once again at L-Jack MMA3. On April 27th. 2019. at Elite1 MMA “Fight Night 37, Hank “IRON” Anderson def. Chris Fowler by TKO (Punches) at 1:13 in Rd.1. Up Next for the “IRON” at the Casino N-B. Hank Anderson will go against Coombes, Let see who will step out the octagon with the Heavyweight Championship 🏆 (Strap).

Now!!! we gonna have a closer Look to our Main event of the Night for the second title. Christien The 🦁 Savoie vs. Pat Carroll.

Pat with a score of 4-1 and 3rd. Ranked (Pro Welterweight) in the Maritime Canada and 26th. Ranked in Canada. First Pro first on April 27th. 2012. Pat Carroll vs. Matthew DesRoches. DesRoches def. Carroll by TKO (Strikes) at 3:22 in Rd.1 at ECC 14. On May 11th. 2013 at ECC 17, Pat Carroll vs. Zack Quinlan. Carroll def. Quinlan by submission (Arm triangle choke) at 1:06 in Rd.2. On July 26th. 2014, Pat Carroll vs. Matt Heim. Carroll def. Heim by TKO (Strikes) at 2:42 in Rd.1 once again at ECC 21. On July 22, 2017 at Elite1 MMA Pat Carroll vs. Jeff Tyler Griffiths. Carroll def. Griffiths by TKO (Punches) at 4:29 Rd.1. On April 27 2019.

Pat Carroll vs. Alderic Keith. Carroll def. Keith Via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30,27,29-28).

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Up next for Pat Carroll, Carroll will be facing the (Double 🏆 🏆 Champ) Christien “The Tiger” Savoie on Jan. 18th. 2020. The 🦁 Savoie with a score of 3-0 (Amateur) and a score of 7-0 (Pro) he is the #1 Ranked (Welterweight and Middleweight) in the Maritime Canada and the #7th. Ranked (Welterweight) in Canada and also the #8th. Ranked (Middleweight) in Canada.

His first bout at ECC 22 on Feb. 2nd 2015. Christien Savoie vs. Jonny Campbell. Savoie def. Campbell by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 4:52 Rd.2… On Jan.1, 2016. at Elite1 MMA: Christien Savoie vs. Cole Fetzner1. Savoie def. Fetzner Via Unanimous decision.

Savoie came back against Fetzner for a 2nd battle, Savoie vs. Fetzner1 on Jan.30th. 2016 by decision, it wasn’t good enough for Savoie,  Savoie told SCN about his first bout against Fetzner at E1 MMA Press conference at Plaza Hotel in St John, N-B. on May 20th. 2016. (Video) Click  ➡️ “Cole his a Tuff guy, you know, he is the first guy that go through 3 rounds with me… But i am not satisfied with that fight.., I feel i could  have done better…”  Both fighter step back on the field on June 4th. 2016… And Savoie got the job done against Fetzner by TKO (Punches) at 1:51 Rd.1…

On Jan. 14th. 2017 at E1 MMA, Christien Savoie vs. James Kouame. Savoie def. Kouame Via Split decision. On July 22nd. 2017, 🦁 Savoie vs. Kris Lee for the Vacant Elite1 MMA Middleweight (185Lbs) Title at E1 MMA.  Savoie def. Lee by TKO (Punches and elbow) at 4:01 Rd.1 and Savoie became The New Elite1 MMA Middleweight Champion ➡️ (Free fight). On April 7th. 2018, Christien Savoie vs. Nick Naccarato. This was a Fight at 200Lbs. (NO Title on the line) Savoie def. Naccarato by TKO (Punches and elbow) at 2:04 Rd.1 at Elite1 MMA. Last fight was in Jan. 26th. 2019. Against Alderic Keith for the Vacant Welterweight (170Lbs). Savoie def. Keith by (Doctor stoppage) due to a cut at 5:00 in the 2nd round. Savoie became the new Elite1 MMA Welterweight (170Lbs) Champion. 

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Up Next for The Undefeated (c) Christien Savoie (7-0) Savoie will put his Welterweight (170Lbs) title on the line against Pat Carroll (4-1) at Elite1 MMA “Fight Night 37” on Jan. 18th. 2020 at the Casino. Pat Carroll with a Super ground game will try to bring that strap home, The fan’s will have the chance to see this LIVE!!! Savoie and Carroll were supposed to meet on Feb.28th. 2015 at ECC 22 but it did not happen, Once again Savoie vs. Carroll was supposed to face each other at Elite1 MMA on Sept. 14th. 2019 but the event was canceled. Let see for Jan.18th. 2020 at Elite1 MMA “Fight Night 37” at the Casino N-B.

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