UPDATE: What is next for Combat Sports in New-Brunswick, Canada.

On april 25th. Elite1 MMA did scheduled a event at the Casino N-B. Due to the COVID-19 Virus the event Elite 1 MMA “Fight Night 38” has been rescheduled

Hello, everyone!

We have talk with the Promotion Elite 1 MMA, Biggest Promotion in The Atlantic Canada. We have talk also with a member of the Combat Sport Commission of N-B.

Elite 1 MMA did scheduled a event at the Casino N-B. for april 25th. 2020. Due to the COVID-19 Virus the event (Elite 1 MMA “Fight Night 38” has been forced to rescheduled to another date) and SCN did not have any updates until Now!

The Promotion Elite 1 MMA were looking for October 2020.
We believe after our conversation they were looking to target Fredericton for a big event, after all with the “Covid-19” that goes around the entire World right now this event will go down also,,, NO it is not looking good.

SCN have review most event of Elite 1 MMA, Most Athletes are from Nova-Scotia, P.E.I, Ontario and Quebec also… Before we had that conversation with the Promotion, We already know that is no way the fan’s will be able to see the Athletes Back on the field before 2021.

The Promotion are targeting the Casino, New BrunswickWe are looking for January, February and Mars also“, SCN won’t release any dates for now until the Promotion do the first step, “We will look at these three months just in case the “Covid-19” force us to rescheduled once again“.

The New-Brunswick are doing very good and P.E.I also! but unfortunately because the other Provinces are not going well, NONE of us will see any event soon! When we look the results of the (“Covid-19″ on Sunday april 26th. 2020.)
There is a big problem in to the other provinces, with all the drama on Social media, About the “Covid-19” None of us know the True!

Well! Just hope by Mars everything will get back on track for the Athletes can go back to the Gym to restart training to compete on the next card Elite 1 MMA.



SCN have talk with the Combat Sport Commission of N-B. It is hard for SCN and the Promotion Elite 1 MMA to push the commission to put a first event when we don’t have anything to tight on!

SCN question the NBCSC … ” If some kind of engagement can be done to allow the Athletes from other Provinces to come in N-B with a some kind of right from the Doctor that says there are save to come to N-B to participated at the event or something else could be done for the fighters to be able to get in the Province of N-B?”

In fact these athlete are in good shape, very good Health, What can be done for them to be able to get in the Province of N-B? What is your thought?

NBCSC told SCN: “We the NBCSC are following the public health recommendations. It’s looking more and more that we won’t have any events until 2021 unfortunately.
We have weekly briefing and will continue to monitor the situation,however the non-essential events are on the bottom of the list .”

Here is the answer that we all thought, unfortunately we know the answer is not looking good for Now! But yes we will definitely have a event, Now just hope the Athletes still willing to hit the field at anytime and some are still activated for the next battles.

In fall of 2013, New Brunswick tapped out all combat sports. To host events was illegal. After 16 months of no combat sports new commission was formed. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (prize fights), received Royal Assent on June 19, 2013. The Commission came with a new key role in the application of the Combat Sport Act and Regulations that came into force on November 1, 2014. The new Act now expands the list of permitted exceptions to the “prize fight” offence for amateur combative sports that are on the program of the International Olympic Committee (Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Taekwondo), as well as authorizes provinces to regulate specific contests including professional Boxing and Mixed martial arts (MMA). The New Brunswick combat sport commission (NBCSC) was formed in January 2015 with the first event in March. The first event was called, Elite 1 MMA: “THE AWAKENING” on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at The Casino New Brunswick, Moncton, N-B.

Again Let’s hope Covid-19 won’t affect the Athletes as much we have seen in 2013 When the Province shot down all combat sports. A lots of Athletes was not activated and we sure miss all the Legend.


(Note) Lumberjack Promotion was targeting The Civic center in Campbellton on May 30th. 2020. They were forced to rescheduled to another date also.


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