(Weigh-in) TKO MMA 45: Jourdain Vs. Morgan

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Event: TKO MMA 45: Jourdain vs. Morgan
Dates: Friday, Dec.7, 2018
Location: Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

 Tickets on sale now! 514-790-2525 or online at  evenko (www.evenko.ca)

TKO MMA 45: Jourdain Vs. Morgan

Main Event:

Charles Jourdain (7-1-0) vs. (C) Alex Morgan (9-3-0) at 145 Lbs. (Title)
(143.4)Lbs.                                        (144)Lbs.

Co-Main Event:

Taylor Lapilus (13-3-0) vs. Josh Hill (16-2-0) at 135 Lbs.
(135.8)Lbs.                               (135.8)Lbs.

Marilyn Micallef (2-0-0) vs. Jade Masson Wong (2-0-0) at 125 Lbs.
(123)Lbs.                                      (124.8)Lbs.

Johnny Baldridge (3-2-0) vs. Mateo Alejandro Vogel (2-0-0) at 135 Lbs.
(135.4)Lbs.                                         (135)Lbs.

Sean Meade (0-1-0) vs. Yohan Lainesse (1-0-0) at 170 Lbs.
(173**)Lbs.                           (170.8)Lbs.

Morgane Ribout (4-0-0) vs. Corinne Laframboise (2-2-0) at 130 Lbs. (Catchweight)
(128.6)Lbs.                                       (128.2)Lbs.

Mattia Fonda (1-0-0) vs. Zackery Powell(1-0-0) at 155 Lbs.
(156.6**)Lbs.                                 (155.6)Lbs.

Seif Eddine Ouerghi (1-0-0) vs. Ergys Sigeta (3-0-0) at 170 Lbs.
(168)Lbs.                                             (169.4)Lbs.


Vianney Malezieux (1-1-0) vs. Alexandre Ouellette (0-0-0) at 145 Lbs.
(145.8)Lbs.                                           (145.6)Lbs.

Alex Beaule (2-2-0) vs. Mathieu Langlais (1-2-0) at 205 Lbs.
(204.4)Lbs.                        (204.2)Lbs.

Terry Lemaire (2-2-0) vs. Eric Daigneault (2-4-0) at 135 Lbs.
(136)Lbs.                                    (135.2)Lbs.

Cole Fetzner (0-2-0) vs. Simon Lagarde (0-0-0) at 185 Lbs.
(185)Lbs.                                 (185.6)Lbs.

Dominic Lacroix (0-0-0) vs. Isaac Blais (0-0-0) at 130 Lbs.
(128.6)Lbs.                                  (130.2)Lbs.

Fight Card (Here)

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