IT’S ON!!!


The wait is over!!!

Alderic Keith and Christien Savoie will go toe to Toe for your Main event in the Octagon on January 26 2019 at the Casino, New Brunswick!

This fight was already on the road for a little time now, a lot of argument was published on Facebook for the past 3 Months between these two warriors, if they would had the chance to meet before Jan. 26, The two warriors would have been in Paradise.

Savoie from St-John, N-B with a scores of (6-0) Was suppose to meet Julien Leblanc on April 7 2018 at The Casino, N-B but the fight went into the water at the last minute,,, Savoie was not in his glory. (Video Below)

Promoter of E1 MMA did have much choice to find someone to recover the main event for that Night! With a little bit of help from another promoter they finally find Nick Naccarato Of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This fight was at 200 Pounds, Savoie didn’t have to put his 185 Pounds title on the line and Savoie def. Naccarato Via TKO (ground and pound) at 2:04 in the very first round.

This Time! Christien Savoie want to go Down at 170 Pounds to meet Alderic Keith, The 170 (Welterweight) Belt is vacant and will be on the line. After we announced to Savoie the fight against Keith was approved he told SCN “Just sucks i have to wait 5 months to beat his ass”  After we slide the Message To Alderic Keith this is the answer Keith give to SCN “Sounds good to me. I’ve been ready to sign since elite 1 messaged me about it, Excellent, glad to hear” Both fighter didn’t really have much to say to SCN for now but without a doubt everyone will get the chance to see the result at the Casino, N-B on Jan.26 2019. when the Battle goes inside the octagon.

Professor Kelly, Who is Savoie coach had a little more to tell us about the upcoming event between Savoie and Keith,

“In my opinion Alderic Keith is a little old fashioned where he isn’t as well rounded as he should be. Standing and banging is good for a show but not good for a lengthy career. Mma is about winning the most efficient way possible while sustaining the least amount of damage. This leads to a long career. Alderic has a good chin is durable and dangerous and I have all the respect for him. I take no one lightly. Christien is too well rounded for Alderic. His striking is fluid and not flat footed Muay Thai(not saying anything bad about muay thai). His wrestling flows with his strikes so he will decide where this fight goes. His jiu-jitsu flows with his wrestling so he can take submission from top, bottom or get back to his feet easily.” 

Keith was supposed to meet Jarid Bussemakers in April 2018 but Bussemakers backed out like 3 weeks out, Keith said!

After what we have seen Keith did not get much luck with all his opponent, some issues as come at the last second, some did not show up, some got injured or did not made the Weigh!

This is a battle that everyone was waiting for, even myself, i hope none of these two Warrior don’t get injured, about making weigh! if they don’t wait at the last second both should be good, about showing up LOL, i think we all seen the answer on Facebook with all the argument, 100% the battle is On!!! Tickets on sales Now, stay tuned for info!

Alderic Keith Vs Chris Currie

Good Luck !!!






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