Interview with Professor Kelly: “I started training Christien when he was about twelve”.

Hello everyone!!! Today we had the opportunity to work with Professor Jon Kelly Who has been Training Martial arts since he was 9 Years old with Taekwondo and Judo. He rose to the rank of 6th Degree black belt as one of the youngest ever in Canada. He Medaled Nationally twice and coached a junior national champion and the junior national team at the Junior Pan Ams in 2004. Jon produced numerous black belts and champions and at one point oversaw a chain of 5 schools with hundreds of students and he has been an MMA coach for 12 years. Professor Kelly trained in Boxing, Muay Thai and got his Black belt in Bjj also. Professor Kelly has been a cornerman since 2011 and did over 30 fights as a cornerman.

Professor Kelly has been and still Christien “THE TIGER” Savoie cornerman also a big Coach, I guess “THE TIGER” Must feel himself very lucky to found Professor Kelly with all the experience his got, we can say they are a little very happy family at the Gym after all does Years of training together. “THE TIGER” has been training with Professor Kelly since he was 12 years old, Savoie of St John, N-B Was born on Aug.29th. 1992.


Savoie is a very Good Guy, He is the Elite1 MMA Middleweight Champion. We have been following him for a long time, we got a lot of interviews together and see him every time he steps inside the octagon, today “THE TIGER” got a Professional score of (6-0-0) and AM (3-0-0) so if someone will ask me if I know Savoie really well! I would of course We know Savoie very well and i can tell you! he’s got MMA in is blood, “I think I was built for this…To be a fighter means a lot to me. I view this as so much more than a sport”. He spoke!
Sometime just to look at him fight in the cage, I’m asking myself if he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to train his MMA, this guy he is in very good shape also very good warrior, “Stand up with the opponents or take them to the ground don’t matter to me”, He said!

Last interview we had with Savoie we were curious to know where his interest came from, “The older and wiser I get, the more I believe that a lot of it came from an abusive childhood, and subconsciously I’ve always hated the idea of being physically vulnerable since”. He said! He is a real Warriors and Young and we like to follow him.

It is fun to train someone who is honest, straight and is willing to learn more and more every day and who listen his coach step by step…!


Today Professor Kelly told SCN:

“I started training Christien when he was about twelve. I ran a very competitive taekwondo club, so he came to me to compete better, and he received his second-degree black belt with me”.

Christien has a boxing coach, BJJ and Kicking is me, wrestling/MMA coach, strength and conditioning coach and a nutritionist too”.

“All coaches are in saint john except the wrestling coach in Fredericton.
We are in constant contact in a Facebook group and have regular meetings
I am very happy Christien is part of my group. He is always asking me questions about jiu-jitsu so i have to answer or find the answer so it keeps me motivated to learn so i can help him”

What do you think? Very interesting eh!

“It makes me very happy to see Christien improve. We started practicing a new skill on the ground and he already incorporated it and used it in his last fight which is fast” Professor Kelly said!

Christien is really smart. He doesn’t want to go too far too fast. He wants to go step by step. He is so well rounded and a great student of MMA. He is the future of the sport and a great ambassador for MMA. I want to do anything i can for him because is really on the right path to follow his dreams”

There is a lot of Drama on Facebook about Savoie! Savoie work hard to go in the UFC and We all hope to see the young warrior in the UFC.

Professor Kelly told SCN what he thinks about all this drama, “As far as the drama i tell Christien to avoid wasting energy on the drama”.

1.christien isn’t the UFC matchmaker so unless you can talk shit like Chael Sonnen then drama won’t get you a fight.

2. Fight nights don’t make fights with guys from that region fighting each other. Gavin Tucker didn’t fight Chris Kel aides at UFC Halifax.

3. Alot of guys come out of the woodwork for UFC and claim they deserve it but no one around here trains like Christien or takes the right steps like Christien.

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As far as i know The UFC will be coming in Moncton, New Brunswick on Oct.27th 2018. at the new Moncton Events Centre and set for July 28, 2018, in Calgary, 6 years after the biggest promotion in (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts made its ill-fated debut in Calgary with UFC 149. UFC confirmed it will be returning to the Scotiabank Saddle dome for a UFC on FOX card on July 28.

UFC Fight Night Moncton, we don’t know Much about it! We should know shortly when tickets will be on sale and about the lineup. The only thing we know we would like to see Savoie in action on oct.27th. 2018 at the new Moncton Events Centre.

We would like to Thank Professor Kelly for the interview and we hope to hear about Him again!!!

E1 MMA 31 “UPRISING” Savoie Vs. Lee

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