Interview with Christien Savoie: “He may be the best & most well rounded guy that I’ve ever faced.” 

A Top 5 Welterweight (Maritme Canada). #1 ranked Christien Savoie put his 170 pound title on the line against #3 ranked Pat Carroll at Elite1 MMA "Fight Night 37" on January 18th. 2020 at the Casino in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada.

Holiday or not We work, First! Happy New Year everyone !!!

On January 18th. 2020 at the Casino N-B. the undefeated Christien Savoie put his title on the line against Pat Carroll for the Elite1 MMA Welterweight (170lbs.) belt.

Savoie his been the 170 Lbs. title  holder since Jan.26th 2019, at the Casino, N-B. for Elite1 MMA 35 “Bitter Rivals”. For your main even Christien Savoie was meeting Alderic Keith for the Vacant Welterweight (170Lbs.) title. Savoie def. Keith via (Doctor stoppage) due to a cut at 5:00 in the 2nd round. and became the new Welterweight Champion.

The undefeated Christien “THE TIGER” Savoie is the Middleweight (185lbs.) title holder also. On July 22nd. 2017, 🦁 Savoie vs. Kris Lee for the Vacant Elite1 MMA Middleweight (185Lbs) title at E1 MMA.  Savoie def. Lee by TKO (Punches and elbow) at 4:01 Rd.1 and Savoie became The New Elite1 MMA Middleweight Champion, this happen at The Lord Beaverbrook Ring in St-John, N-B. E1 MMA “UPRISING” Savois vs. Lee  ➡️ (Free fight).

The undefeated Christien Savoie Feel great he told SCN, Savoie was supposed to fight in TKO MMA in Montreal but that didn’t happen for some reason. Savoie is very happy to be back in the octagon on Jan. 18th. 2020. at the Casino, N-B.

Savoie: “It feels great to finally have a fight that is 100% lined up & confirmed .
I’m so excited to be back, and to show you guys a much better version of myself.”  Savoie said…

“I was originally offered a big fight for TKO, but that didn’t happen.
In the end, I’m grateful for Elite 1, and I’m just happy to finally have a fight.”

The Main event of the evening, the two time champion will put his Welterweight title on the line when he meet with the #3 ranked (Maritime Canada) Pat Carroll in the octagon.

Savoie told SCN: “I know that he trains out of titans MMA, which has been a long time respected gym in the maritimes.
He’s a national amateur kickboxing champion, a bjj brown belt, and looks to have some solid wrestling.
He’s a good fighter, and has my utmost respect.
I was looking for a bigger name, a former UFC guy or something a long those lines maybe, but that’s nothing against Pat.
In the end, I’m just happy that I have a fight and that’s what I’m focused on now.”

Savoie is been on the Block for quite some time now, We have been following Savoie now since he started the (amateur MMA) on June 9th. 2012 at “Cage Rage 8” in Moncton,N-B. and we are still behind him since he started his first Pro career at “ECC 22” on Feb. 28th. 2015.

We asked Savoie if Pat Carroll can be one of his best test! “I think that he can be for sure. He may be the best & most well rounded guy that I’ve ever faced.” 

Savoie said:I always prepare myself for a war in there. I’m always learning & becoming a better version of myself, so this camp is no different than the others in that sense.
I always give my 100%, and I’m always trying to find better training methods.” he said!

“I learn from every single training camp, and bring that past knowledge/experience into this camp now.
He may be the best grappler that I’ve ever faced, but it’s tough to tell until we get in there.”

Savoie also told SCN: “All I can say is that I’m preparing as if he is the best grappler that I’ve ever faced.
I think that this fight will end with my hand raised.
Whether it takes me 25 seconds or 25 minutes, it ends with “and still”.

We ask Savoie if he would like to say something to his opponent and family and friends before he step on the field again Carroll; “I wish him a safe training camp. All of those people mentioned above mean the world to me. I’m looking forward to putting on a show for them January 18th.” 

A big Thanks to the Undefeated Christien “The Tiger” Savoie to share a couple words with SCN. For the people who won’t be able to make it at the Casino in Moncton, N-B. for the event E1 MMA on Jan. 18th. 2020, SCN are inviting you with us to the Live results… Fight card /Live results (Here)

We would like to wish Good Luck to everyone that will step inside the octagon at Elite1 MMA “Fight Night 37” on Jan. 18th. 2020. at the Casino, N-B.


(Free Fight) Elite1 MMA 35 Bitter rivals: Christien “Tiger” Savoie vs. Alderic “The Coroner” Keith




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